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Patient Story – Customized Orbital Decompressiom

Every patient has their own unique journey once they are diagnosed with thyroid eye disease. For some people it causes a big physical change. For others it can really harm the functionality of their eyes. And sometimes it’s both of these examples and more. A recent patient of Dr. Douglas’ began having problems with double… Read More »

Angelica’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

Angelica was diagnosed with Graves’ disease at a young age. She did everything right, got the treatment she needed, and felt great. She had radioactive iodine to control her thyroid, and her symptoms seemed to vanish. But as the years went on, a new issue arose: her appearance began to change. Slowly her right eye… Read More »

Guide to Orbital Decompression Recovery

Guide To Orbital Decompression Recovery

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, Dr. Raymond Douglas shares his Guide to Orbital Decompression Recovery. Dr. Douglas completes hundreds of orbital decompression surgeries per year and can confidently say that no two surgeries are alike. However, what most surgeries do have in common is the recovery process. Relatively pain-free and quick, you will… Read More »

Best orbital decompression results - Dr Raymond Douglas

Getting The Orbital Decompression Results You Deserve

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Raymond Douglas addresses the question “I’ve Already Had An Orbital Decompression – Can Something More Be Done?” The answer is “yes,” you can get better orbital decompression results. It’s time for you to be you again! What is an Orbital Surgeon? As an orbital surgeon,… Read More »

Christina's Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

Christina’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

Christina, a thyroid eye disease patient of Dr. Raymond Douglas, shares her thyroid eye disease journey with us!   Dr. Douglas How were you diagnosed with thyroid eye disease? Christina I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2006 and I controlled it with medication on and off for a few years. In 2011, my endocrinologist… Read More »

Ted’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

Ted, an orbital decompression patient of Dr. Raymond Douglas, tells us about his thyroid eye disease journey. Ted I was diagnosed in 2000 with Graves’ disease. I was being very stubborn and didn’t go to the doctor – I had trouble sleeping, I lost 60 pounds and I was always exhausted. My wife looked at… Read More »

Orbital Decompression Surgery Beverly Hills, CA

Orbital Decompression: What to Expect

Unusual bulging of the eyes is commonly referred to as proptosis. This condition is believed to develop secondary to a thyroid problem. In any situation, extensive protrusion of the eyes from the sockets can be emotionally disruptive. Many people with proptosis seek treatment to restore facial symmetry and improve physical comfort by reducing pressure on… Read More »

Renee's Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

Renee’s Thyroid Eye Disease Journey

One of our wonderful patients, Renee, joins Dr. Douglas for a video interview so she can share her thyroid eye disease journey with all of you!   Renee: There is hope for all of you! As hard as things may seem in the beginning, things get better and orbital decompression surgery is life-changing. As the… Read More »

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