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How to Fix Droopy Eyelids

This week Dr. Raymond Douglas discusses what causes droopy eyelids and how to fix them. Can You Fix Droopy Eyelids? Yes! However, Dr. Douglas states how to fix droopy eyelids can be complicated. He explains that droopy eyelids are caused by three different factors.  One is the eyelids itself. The eyelid is attached to the… Read More »

4 Facts About Under Eye Hollows

Recently, FabFitFun.com reached out to Dr. Raymond Douglas to learn more about under eye hollows and how to treat them. Below are some highlights from the interview, specifically 4 facts about under eye hollows. 1. A Changing Appearance. Under eye hollows, along with under eye bags, are a result of aging. Naturally occurring changes to… Read More »

What is Strabismus?

This week, Dr. Stacy Pineles, a renowned strabismus specialist, joins Dr. Raymond Douglas to discuss “what is strabismus?” What is Strabismus? When patients have thyroid eye disease they often have double vision from the muscles getting large or scarred. This causes patients to see double. In these cases, looking up or side-to-side can cause a… Read More »

Learn How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles or Bruises

In this week’s episode of Thyroid Thursday, freelance makeup artist (and our very own) Jean Kim (@jeamkin on Instagram) teaches us how to cover up dark under eye circles or bruises after surgery with makeup. 8 Steps to Concealing Dark Circles and Bruises Step 1 Apply orange color-correction concealer on the bruise or dark circle.… Read More »

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Why Drooping Eyelids are Problematic

When we talk about the eyelids and our frustration with them, it is usually related to cosmetic appearance. Many men and women are turning to blepharoplasty to correct issues like excessive wrinkling, puffiness, and drooping of the upper or lower lids. While these concerns can be addressed with eyelid surgery, there are additional benefits to… Read More »

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