Surgery or Filler for Undereye Bags: How to Decide

Blepharoplasty Beverly Hills, CAWe do a lot of talking through facial expression. Aside from the mouth, it is the eye area that communicates what we are feeling. Knowing this, humans instinctively look for cues in the faces of others. We have become masters at perception based on appearance alone. If undereye bags have developed on your lower eyelids, your appearance may be giving a perception of age, fatigue, or possibly an unfriendly nature.

Undereye bags are an incredibly common problem. They may develop due to bulging of the fatty tissue on the lower eyelid and may be exacerbated by hollowing in the area between the fat pouch of the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. If the fat pouch is not excessively loose and saggy, dermal filler treatment may be an excellent option for correcting undereye bags. However, lower blepharoplasty is also an option for most people. How can you know which approach may be right for you? We’ll discuss aspects of each treatment here.

Lower Blepharoplasty for Undereye Bags

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery conducted through small, hidden incisions. During the procedure, the surgeon uses tiny instruments to tighten muscle, connective tissue, and skin as needed to better hold fatty tissue within the orbital septum. The fatty tissue beneath the eye may also be trimmed or repositioned to create a smooth transition between the upper cheek and the lower eyelid. Recovery from lower blepharoplasty is typically a week to 10 days. Surgery should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. It is important to trust the experts – Dr. Raymond Douglas has a great deal of experience with both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Technique Matters Even with Injections

One of the reasons dermal fillers are so popular for undereye bags is that treatment is nonsurgical, convenient, and seemingly simple. It is important to know that the undereye area can be one of the most difficult in which to achieve a natural-looking result. To achieve the desired outcome, a skilled provider finds the most appropriate depth to insert fillers. Additionally, one must be acquainted with the effects a product may have beneath the skin, such as causing a blue tinge if applied too superficially. Every instance is unique and, in some cases, it is beneficial to layer fillers to adequately disguise undereye bags. The expert usage of dermal fillers can prevent overfilling and an unnatural appearance.

The primary difference between lower blepharoplasty and dermal fillers for undereye bags is that surgery achieves results that far outlast even the best filler. Therefore, the expected outcome is one of the questions that needs to be asked as you consider options to correct tired-looking eyes.

We understand the appeal of nonsurgical treatments for undereye bags and are happy to accommodate patients’ preferences whenever possible. For a full consultation and discussion about your desired outcome, call our Beverly Hills office at (310) 657-4302.

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