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At the International Orbital Institute, our mission is to provide personalized care so you can be you again!

We know Graves’ disease, orbital fractures or trauma, botched eyelid surgery, and facial paralysis make daily life very difficult both physically and emotionally. To help get you back to yourself again, we are here to provide you with customized care alongside the most cutting-edge treatment options.

Orbital surgery requires an exceptionally high level of skill because the eyes and surrounding structures are very complex and delicate. At the International Orbital Institute, we are proud to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure our patients have access to specialists for every aspect of their disease and treatment. With expertise in Thyroid Eye Disease, oculoplastic surgery, head and neck surgery, facial nerve disorders, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, our team of experts delivers comprehensive and superior surgical outcomes.

We believe our patients deserve not only expert care from surgeons, but they also deserve compassionate care and a team who is genuinely invested in their well-being. As such, our entire team is dedicated to listening to your concerns, explaining your disease and treatment options, and creating a unique treatment plan to specifically address your needs. Ultimately, we strive to create lasting relationships with our patients for long-term success. This combination of skill and compassion has made the International Orbital Institute a highly sought after destination for patients from around the world.

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